Prioritise Your Ear Health with Pharmacy First Bristol

At Pharmacy First Bristol, we understand the critical role ears play in our everyday lives, from maintaining balance to facilitating communication. That's why we emphasise the importance of early intervention in ear health. Our ears, often neglected in routine check-ups, are essential for our overall well-being. 

The Bristol Ear Clinic, with four convenient locations around Bristol and South Gloucestershire, is your go-to destination for comprehensive ear assessments.

Comprehensive Services at Bristol Ear Clinic

At Bristol Ear Clinic, our highly trained NHS professionals are equipped to identify symptoms of ear infections and wax build-up, also offering earwax removal services.

We’ll provide a consultation, give your ears a visual examination both inside and out, then give you treatment recommendations.

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Please note the Bristol Ear Clinic is a private service, the NHS fund a service for eligible children (1 year old and over) and adults experiencing earache (Acute otitis media and externa).

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